Building Mini Kingdoms

Building Mini Kingdoms

With Chris C. playing Kingdom Builder by Donald Vaccarino, the same designer as smash hit Dominion.

The gameboard, win conditions, and placement rules vary with every game forcing you to reconsider strategy and tactics as well as making for a different feel for each game. After some initial rules refresher, we were on our way.

I distinctly remember not enjoying the game as much when I originally played it, but this time was different. I can only attribute the different feel of the game with two players instead of the previous four. Four players made for a tight land grab with settlements sprawling out and blocking each other in aggressive ways. Each turn you would try to eek out an existence in the savage territories, scrapping together a bit of coin here or there as the game and other players would relentlessly permit.

With two players, the feel of the game was completely different–no longer with a deep, competitive edge, the back and forth was more deliberate and methodical. Placing settlements with care and taking some time to build on previously laid structure.

I think I would give it another go–and maybe try three players. Bring a friend or two and go build your mini kingdom.

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