Change for the New Year

Change for the New Year

First, let me say for all those who have joined with us–we appreciate all of the wonderful feedback and fun events we have had!  If you are new to the community, then welcome!

We are looking for some friendly gamers who are interested in helping create events (small and big) and running our meetup.  The goal would be to help setup and schedule gaming events for people, find venues, and help fellow gamers find other wonderful people within gaming groups.  If you are interested, please send a direct message here on Meetup or email!

Second, we are saddened to inform you all that Game House Cafe at the Beaverton, OR location is closed.


Love.  Love is at the heart of every action, interaction, and relationship.  It is the motivation behind all good things.  Expressions of love is the grand principle that sets all things in motion and maintains them.

Game House Cafe was a labor of love.  It was a space, an extension of home to come and enjoy the company of friends with good food and games.  However, as with many beautiful things brought into this world, it has come to an end.  For all that enjoined with us, we thank you!  Wherever you are, whatever you do, make it wonderful.  Enjoy every moment.  Have fun!

Eat. Drink. Play.


  1. Jenny

    I’m very sad to hear that GH closed. You were a wonderful addition to the community and we will miss both you and your milkshakes.

  2. Tess

    4725 SW Lombard Ave #106, Beaverton, OR 97005
    Is this location closed? I was planning on going there this weekend.

    1. robert

      Yes, we have closed our Beaverton location.

  3. Mike

    Are there now or do you plan anything in the future?

    1. robert

      Hi Mike,

      Always looking for opportunities. If you have something in mind, feel free to contact me directly: robert

  4. Elliot Sanico

    Saddened you guys are closed. Had a great atmosphere and variable selection of games. Hopefully you will find another route to pass on the joy of friends, food, and games. Best wishes for 2020.

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