Come Playtest with Local Game Developers this Weekend!

Come Playtest with Local Game Developers this Weekend!

Want to tryout some local games from local game designers?  This weekend we have two local game designers coming to the cafe to show off their games.  Try it out, ask questions, and share feedback!

For Better or First

Friday May 4th 6PM – 10 PM

It’s a light hearted marriage themed party type game that can be played with 2-6 players and games generally last about 15-25 minutes. You will pair up, get married and race to be the first couple to reach your 50th wedding anniversary resolving setbacks such as the dreaded Mother-in-law and sex droughts!

Flick Wars with Damien Lopez

Saturday May 5th 6PM – 10PM

Battle other players or work together against a simulated AI by destroying their units & bases in the fun, dexterity combat game, Flick Wars.  Play as one of 6 futuristic factions, each with unique unit discs and abilities, competing for control of precious resources on alien terrain.  Use obstacles on top of or under the playmat to vary the level of difficulty when “flicking” discs, and play through several game modes for new experiences every time!

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